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Gym Shoe


The Joggers you have on now are probably made for running and have an inbuilt cushion to absorb impact with each step you take. This is great for running, but not so great for weightlifting. Rather than absorb force, you need a gym shoe that will help you use all the force your body produces to help you move weight. The more force you can produce, the more weight you can move.

How does ASFPII Achieve this?

In a couple of simple ways. First, if you can generate more force through the ground you can pull the bar higher. If you can pull the bar higher, you have more chance of getting under it. Also, when you are under the bar, you can drive hard out of the squat knowing your shoes, being your contact point with the ground, are transmitting as much as possible of the force you are creating up from the floor, through your body, and into moving that barbell.

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