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Your Idea of Fitness is Wrong

After some years in the fitness industry, I could not understand how some people were of the belief that they didn’t need to exercise or didn’t need to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. Then something occurred to me after a conversation with a client only a few weeks ago. The statement that hit me was this; “I’m happy with where I’m at. I don’t need to be any healthier.” It was at this point I realised that people don’t understand what health and fitness is for.


Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is NOT something we take part in to become healthier. The reason we take part in health and fitness is because we are literally becoming less healthy when we don’t! Lifestyle diseases are responsible for 63 per cent of global deaths based on World Health Organisation estimates. That is absolutely baffling! Let me reiterate exactly what that means… 63 per cent of the worlds disease could be obliterated by simply adopting fitness a healthy lifestyle!


Knowing this, there is not a single human on this planet who has an excuse not to adopt a healthier lifestyle in some way shape or form. Of the seven billion people alive today there are only an estimated 152 million people with an active gym membership. Which leaves me to ask the question; What are the other six billion eight hundred forty-eight million doing? “I’m too busy” doesn’t cut it any more.


Now for the good news. These lifestyle diseaseas are easily avoidable, here are my top tips:

-Eat a healthy Balanced Diet
-Avoid foods that are high in fats, salt, sugar and refined products
-Engage in moderate exercise (30 minutes every day)
-Don’t Smoke
-Get plenty of sleep

What does this mean for you? It means you can no longer take a passive approach to your lifestyle. You are responsible for preventing your own disease. You have the information now. If you choose not to take part in health and fitness you are actively sabotaging your own health. You are slowly killing yourself. Make the right choices, get healthy and live a long happy life.


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