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212° is a state of the art full spectrum fat incinerator that incorporates 3 scorching blends of research proven ingredients enabling you to effectively get rid of unwanted body fat. 212° has a powerful thermogenic blend that will not only give you the energy to blast through your day and your workout but it will promote lipolysis (breakdown of lipids/fats), improve mental focus, and reduce hunger.

212° will also increase fat oxidation, elevate your body’s core temperature which promotes thermogenesis, reduce body fat accumulation, and dramatically increase the removal of excess water. Bring Fat to its Boiling Point with 212°!*

Synephrine HCL – a stimulant that is closely related to epinephrine and norepinephrine which are neurotransmitters involved in the fight or flight response. Research has shown that synephrine is a stimulant, thermogenic and assists in appetite control*. The efficacious dosage is 20-100 mg*. 212° contains 30 mg’s per serving.

Caffeine – a central nervous and metabolic stimulant that is naturally found in coffee beans, tea and guarana. Caffeine has been shown to support energy, thermogenesis, alertness, reduce hunger and fatigue*. An efficacious amount of caffeine can vary from 50-200 mg depending on the individual*. 212° contains 175 mg’s per serving.

Black Pepper – also known as piper nigrum, contains piperine a compound responsible for the pungency in black pepper. Consumption of piperine increases the bioavailability of nutritional compounds and may reduce body fat accumulation*. The dosage of 5 mg three times daily is recommended. 212° has 5 mg’s per serving.

Juniper Berry – known as Juniperus communis is a botanical that has historical use as a spice and to treat ailments such as upset stomach*. It possesses water loss properties which can be used to reduce excessive water retention*. 212° has 50 mg’s per serving.

Dandelion Extract – known as taraxacum officinale, is a botanical that has historical usage in herbal medicine as a treatment for several ailments such as infection*. In addition, it is a potent water loss ingredient that promotes the excretion of excess water*. 212° has 50 mg’s per serving.

Uva Ursi – known as kinnikinnick, is a botanical that has been historically used for medicinal purposes because of its antimicrobial properties*. Studies have shown that uva ursi has water loss properties which can promote the removal of excess water from the body*. 212° has 50 mg’s per serving.

212 muscle elements


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