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Havok Hardcore – Over the last 2 years, American Metabolix’s team of scientists have been working closely with their athletes developing a pre-workout that offers intense, sustained, energy without the jitters. They expertly designed this product to also increase mental focus while improving athletic performance and endurance, thus increasing your capacity to exercise and build lean muscle mass.

Havok Hardcore is the most powerful pre-workout they have ever created. It’s not for beginners or the weekend warrior. This formula was designed for athletes that push the boundaries of human performance. 

Full clinical dosing of key ingredients in a fully disclosed formula so you know what you’re getting.

HavoK Hardcore is a pre workout drink mix that helps users get the extra support to take their work out to the next level.

This product is specially formulated for elite level athletes or bodybuilders who are looking for a good tasting drink mix that increases the body’s nitric oxide levels to help improve their workout performance.

How Does HavoK Hardcore Work?

American Metabolix HavoK Hardcore combines a mix of ingredients that are chosen for their ability to increase blood flow and help improve workout endurance.

Users of HavoK Hardcore simply mix one scoop with six to eight ounces of water roughly thirty minutes before starting their workout. This product can be used for a maximum of eight weeks before users should take a four week or longer break.

Users should only take HavoK on workout days.

Are you Hardcore? Then this is your answer to getting to the next level!


Havok Hardcore


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