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Pro 30 Pure Protein Blend – JD Nutraceuticals

Do you need more protein in your diet? PRO 30 Pure Protein Blend is a delicious, easy, and cost-effective way to do just that. The pure, high-quality whey protein is uniquely formulated to boost lean muscle growth and post-workout recovery, empowering your muscles by reloading the amino acids that you deplete during a tough workout.

The proteins in PRO 30 are easy to digest, chosen to balance your need for recovery and for appetite control. PRO 30 combines five high-quality proteins to maximise your muscle growth while maintaining your digestive health: Whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, whey hydrolisate, egg albumin and vegetable isolate. Take a look at those first two ingredients to see what they bring to your muscles and your whole body.

Whey protein concentrate combines healthy bacteria to aid in digestion, insulin growth factor (IGF) 1 and 2, and immunoglobulins designed to boost your immune system. You get an incredibly high 80 percent of protein from every 100g of PRO 30 powder, with a moderate digestive rate that lets it enter your bloodstream at a steady constant.

Whey protein isolate is created by starting with whey protein concentrate and filtering it to reduce fat and carbohydrate content. As a result, the protein purity and amino acid profile are enhanced to yield 90 percent of protein in 100g of PRO 30 powder. This fast-digesting, high-quality protect hits your bloodstream quickly to aid in recovery.

Because PRO 30 combines these two high-quality proteins, it leaves your body with minimal muscle breakdown and maximum muscle growth. High-quality protein is needed for every function your body performs, including manufacturing hormones, enzymes and nucleic acids, as well as keeping your immune system strong. High-quality protein is also vital for healing, so it helps you recover from micro-injuries resulting from intense training. With quality protein, you’ll see maximum gains and recovery as you train.

Getting enough protein in your diet can be tough. That’s why JD Nutraceuticals created PRO 30. They know you high-quality protein delivered in a product that’s both delicious and cost-effective. Choose from tasty flavours including Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Choc Mint and Honeycomb to keep muscles strong and healthy.

Pro 30


Pro 30

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Banana, Choc Mint, Chocolate, Honeycomb, Salted Caramel, Vanilla


3kg, 900g


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