Scottish Strength Powder


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Scottish Strength Powder

Scottish strength Powder was originally designed to improve performance in the heavy events of the Highland Games. Since then it has been used in a variety of sports ranging from powerlifting, to strong man, to martial arts and many more.

Scottish Strength Powder revolves around two key factors. The First is explosive power and the second is endurance. Scottish strength powder will maximise Adenosine Triphosphate (the key molecule the body needs for power and endurance) but not only that, it actively recycles spent ATP (ADP) for the body to re use.

Originally never intended to be released as a commercial product to the public. It was purely to help a small group of Highland athletes. But after after a trial group of powerlifters began requesting the product and word spread, it became clear that it had potential as a commercial product.

It is now available to everyone. If you compete in any sport where power and endurance are important, Scottish Strength Powder will change the way you compete.

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